Thu, 03 Sep 2015

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We are very glad to invite all interested to participate of “2nd Workshop on Drug Design and Tropical Neglected Diseases” that will be held in room “Sergio Mascarenhas” in the São Carlos Institute of Physics (IFSC-USP) during 09 to 13/November/2015.
The event consists of one week of course (workload of 40 hours) that it will feature the participation of famous researchers of Brazil and the exterior. The program of the course will approach several topics in the area of drug design and neglected diseases. Subjects as: biochemist, purification of proteins, synthesis of drugs, crystallography, planning based on the structure of the receiving target and clinical assays boarded and will be argued by the speakers. The complete program of the event is available in:

The target audience of the event is undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers with interest in improve knowledge in the boarded subjects as well as establishing new contributions in the ample field of drug designs and tropical diseases.

It will not have registration tax. The organizers request a contribution of participants in a geriatric diaper package that will be donated for the municipal asylum of São Carlos.

2nd Workshop on Drug Design and Neglected Tropical Diseases
São Carlos Institute of Physics (IFSC-USP)
09-13/november/2015 – Auditório “Sérgio Mascarenhas”

Rafael V. C. Guido
Tel/Fax: +55 (016) 3373 8673 / +55 (016) 3373 9881
Av.  Joao Dagnone, 1100
Sao Carlos, SP – Brasil – CEP 13563-120

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curso plantas

Sun, 12 Apr 2015

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The Institute of Chemistry of Araraquara of UNESP – State University of São Paulo, will host the course “New Frontiers in the Science of Medicinal Plants”, that will be attended by the professor Leslie Gunatilaka of the University of Arizona. The event will be organized by Professor Vanderan Bolzani (Institute of Chemistry) – vice-coordinator of the CIBFar – Center for Research and Innovation in Biodiversity and Drug Discovery, and by Maria Zeraik Luiza – postgraduate student.
The target audience of the course is graduate students and young researchers, and will approach subjects of great importance in the area of natural products and drug design.

Place: Institute of Chemistry of Araraquara – UNESP
Address: Rua Professor Francisco Degni, 55 – Jardim Quitandinha, Araraquara – SP, 14800-060

Date: 4 to 15/May/2015

Registrations until April 30th and can be made in the secretariat of graduate program of Institute of Chemistry – Telephone: (016) 3301-9820.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Wennia Limonti de Souza dos Santos –

Leslie Curso