Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Sulfonamides Derived from Carvacrol: A Structure-Activity Relationship Study


de Oliveira, Aldo S. 1 ; de Souza, Luiz F. S. 2 ; Nunes, Ricardo J. 2  ; Johann, Susana 3 ; Palomino-Salcedo, David L. 4  ; Ferreira, Leonardo L. G. 4 ; Andricopulo, Adriano D. 4



Background: Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a growing problem in all countries and has been discussed worldwide. In this sense, the development of new drugs with antibiotic properties is highly desirable in the context of medicinal chemistry.

Methodology: In this paper we investigate the antioxidant and antibacterial potential of sulfonamides derived from carvacrol, a small molecule with drug-like properties. Most sulfonamides had antioxidant and antibacterial potential, especially compound S-6, derived from beta-naphthylamine.

Results: To understand the possible mechanisms of action involved in biological activity, the experimental results were compared with molecular docking data.

Conclusion: This research allows appropriate discussion on the identified structure activity relationships


1  Department of Exact Sciences and Education, Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC, Blumenau-SC, Brazi

2    Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Santa Catarina-UFSC, Florianopolis-SC, Brazil

3   Department of Microbiology, Federal University of Minas Gerais, (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

4  Laboratory of Medicinal and Computational Chemistry, Center for Research and Innovation in Biodiversity and Drug Discovery, Institute of Physics of Sao Carlos, University of Sao Paulo, (USP), Sao Carlos, SP, Brazil


Link to article: https://www.eurekaselect.com/177031/article