Institute of Chemistry of Araraquara holds conference with researcher of Washington State University

Invited Professor of NubbE, IQ-UNESP and CIBFar

Conference 29/07/2014, 14:30

Anfiteatro Central of Institute of Chemistry – IQ-Ar

Subject of Conference

Developing Specialized Phytochemical Factories as Future Sources of Biofuels, Petrochemical Substitutes, Specialty Chemicals, and Medicinals

Plants and microorganisms, due to fast evolution of synthetic biology, are each time more explored as half to produce medicinal biofuels, that substitute the petrochemical ones, and agents sustainable. However, the ways responsible biochemists for the synthesis of such natural products well are frequent not known.

Technologies as the spectrometry of mobility of ions, as well as the microdissection the vegetal fabric laser, beyond the some “omics” methods, supply ways to investigate these processes. These methodologies in allow them to establish and to explore the genes involved, proteins, metabólitos, transport mechanisms, as well as the compartmentalization strategies.

On the basis of such advances, the team of the professor Norman G. Lewis, of Washington State University, is developing new sustainable biological platforms in plants, for production of drugs and other chemical products, as  for example, the antitumoral, podofilotoxina agent.